Glass sex toys are one of the most versatile and beautifully designed sex toys available. Becoming increasingly popular due to their appearance, feel and low maintenance. Enjoy all they have to offer by warming or cooling the sex toy, to enhance your sexual experience to its fullest potential. Its rigid, firm feel offers sensual pressure similar to metal sex toy’s.

Glass dildos are made of borosilicate glass making it exceptionally durable, meaning you don’t have to worry about it ever braking during play. They are also extremely easy to clean, just rinse in hot water. If the sex toy does break in anyway due to being thrown, dropped from a high height etc. DO NOT use again.

Glass sex toys are compatible with: Water-based and silicone lubricant

They Feel: Smooth and rigid

They Smell: Odorless

They Taste: Tasteless

Latex is a form of rubber that can be made into pretty much any stimulating shape. It is often used for clothing and inflatable sex toys. It is flexible and has a smooth finish, simply use with some latex shiner or silicone lubricant for a wet-look finish. Cleaning is more complex than others, you are encouraged to spray it with antibacterial sex toy cleaner before applying renewer powder. The renewer powder helps the latex stay soft and flexible.

Latex is compatible with: Water-based and silicone lubricants

They Feel: Rubbery, smooth and flexible

They Smell: Slight rubbery smell

They Taste: Slight rubbery taste

Does not contain phthalates

Metal has all the qualities it requires to make an excellent sex toy, it is durable, waterproof, non-porous, skin-safe and compatible with all variations of lubricants. Firm and strong sex toy lovers will really appreciate their heavy weight and pressure they have on their sensitive spots, however, due to being made from solid stainless steel they may be slightly to heavy and rigid for some users. They are easy to clean, simply wash with warm water.

Metal (stainless steel) is compatible with: Water-based and silicone lubricants

They Feel: Cold, smooth, rigid

They Smell: Odourless

They Taste: Tasteless

Does not contain latex or phthalates

Plastic is a favourite material with manufactures of vibrating bullets and classic vibes, as it transmits vibrations extremely well and allows strong stimulation. It is hard and hygienic, rigid acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic (ABS plastic). Smooth coated plastic delivers a velvet touch but with the same firmness as ABS original plastic. It is compatible with all lube types and really easy to clean.

Plastic is compatible with: Water-based and silicone lubricants

They feel: Smooth, hard, durable

They smell: Odourless

They taste: Tasteless

Does not contain latex or phthalates

CyberSkin, Sensafirm, Real Feel Super Skin, Better-Than-Real, Fanta Flesh, Loveclone RX UR3, Futurotic are all terms for realistic skin feel based sex toys. It is a very broad term for sex toys designed to both look and feel like the real thing. For example, Fleshlight products will give you an ultra-life like experience. They also retain heat to keep the toy at body temperature.

Realistic feel materials are porous, so it’s extremely important to clean them thoroughly and sprinkle them in renewer powder to keep them in prime condition.

Realistic feel material is compatible with: Water-based lubricants only.

It feels: Life-like, tactile, firm

It smells: Strong rubbery smell

It tastes: Rubbery taste

Ensure you check individual descriptions for latex and phthalates content.

Silicone is frequently used in designer toys and is championed for its non-porous finish and hypoallergenic properties. Many sex toy companies are now using silicone to manufacture their main products as it’s easy to clean, long-lasting and most of all feels fantastic on your skin. Silicone sex toys can be rigid, firm and flexible, the high end Lelo range focuses on silicone products and they are so long lasting you may never have to replace them. Using silicone lubricants may degrade the silicone sex toy therefore you should only use water-based lubricants to ensure the best results.

Silicone is compatible with: Water-based lubricants only

It feels: Smooth, soft, firm

It tastes: Tasteless

It smells: Odourless

Does not contain latex or phthalates.

Skin safe rubber is free from phthalates and free from latex and is usually referred to as TPE/TPR (thermoplastic elastomer/rubber). Skin-safe rubber is firm and often used in G-Spot and P-Spot vibrators such as the rabbit.

Skin safe rubber is compatible with: Water-based lubricants

It feels: Smooth, rubbery and firm

It smells: Slight rubbery smell

It tastes: Tasteless

Does not contain latex or phthalates

Our materials guide is designed to help each individual choose their perfect sex toy with ease, as we know what some people favour won’t be to another’s taste. Be sure to check out each products specification when browsing.