Sex Toys for Same Sex Play

Sex Toys for Same Sex Play

When you’re looking for sex toys to use with a same sex partner, the first thing you need to know is that there’s no such thing as ‘same sex’ sex toys. All toys can be used by all people and all combinations of genitalia. All you need to make some of them work is a bit of imagination. However, certain types of products do seem to have an extra dimension of effectiveness when used by folks with similar junk in their trunk.

Double-Ended Dildo

Call it a cliché if you will, but the double-ended dildo could well be the ultimate sex toy for same sex partners, provided you’re both into penetration, of course. Whether you’re sharing vaginally, anally, or a combo of the two, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find the perfect double-ended dildo for your needs.

Once upon a time, most double dildos were jelly nasties, but now more and more silicone options are becoming available. They range from super long, snaky looking things that can be the same thickness at both ends or thicker at one and thinner at the other. They can be horseshoe shaped, the shafts can be textured or smooth. You can even find them with a central flare, which is awesome for peace of mind and safety during anal play.


There are many types of harness out there and they’re an awesome addition to same sex partner play. Probably the most recognisable is the front panel and straps variety, but if that isn’t your thing you can opt for shorts with O-ring openings in the front, thigh harnesses… foot harnesses are a thing now, too. They come with internal pockets for bullets, and some even come with inner dildos or butt plugs attached, so tailoring your play to suit your preferences is easy.

Anyone can wear a harness, they’re not just for those with vulvas. They can be worn in tandem with chastity cages, or just let that peen hang loose. You can even intensify play by opting for a harness with hollow dildo. They just fit right over the penis much in the same way an extender would.

Strapless Strap-On

While they can be a challenge to use for the giver due to the fact that they’re inserted into the vagina and held there by either the kegel muscle or the grace of God, strapless strap-ons can be a lot of fun. Fun Factory do a fantastic textured silicone option and also a slimmer vibrating one. Some brands offer strapless strap-ons with bunny ears, remote controlled vibrations… you can even pick up a jointed style for adjustable play.


It’s often assumed that strokers are pretty much a single penis affair and that any partner involvement comes from their hands, but that really isn’t the case. Take Fleshlights, for instance. Once you remove both the lid and the end cap, they become double ended. While the official entrance end might be more visually appealing, the texture runs through the entire internal channel, so sharing is easily done, provided your peen fits in the unofficial end.

If that idea doesn’t work for you, take a look at the Fleshlight Quick Shot. These short, compact strokers can be incorporated into oral sex with ease, they can be stroked back and forth from one penis to another. Because they’re only a couple of inches long and super squishy, another great use for them is to remove the outer casing (they come apart for cleaning, so you won’t be breaking it) and employ them as a buffer during penetration. Gotta love those multi-uses, right?

If Fleshlights are out of your budget, look for a plain old masturbator sleeve. They’re usually open at both ends and many will accommodate the heads of two penises. You’ll both experience the tightness and you’ll both get to share the texture.


Okay, okay, I know. Lube is neither a sex toy nor a product that is extra effective when used with a same sex partner. But it is probably the single most essential addition to any kind of sex, be it partnered or otherwise, so leaving it out of any guide is almost painful to me.

No mater what kind of sex you choose to have, there’s a lube prepared especially for it. Thick, cushioning lubes for anal, smooth water-based lubes for vaginal penetration and silicone toy use, flavoured lubes for oral. Silicone lube is awesome for playing in water (not with silicone toys, though) or for those who want plenty of glide without having to worry about reapplying. You can get oil-based lubes, butter-based lubes, hybrid, organic, warming, cooling, tingling lubes. Really, lube is one of the best things you can do for your sex life, it’s a must have.

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